New York View 72 Gas Fireplace

The Regency City Series New York View linear gas fireplaces feature a seamless clear view of the fire with the ability to be integrated into any décor style.

Firebed Options

Inner Panels

Exterior Panels

Heat Output Options

Clean uninterrupted view of the fire
Invisible glass safety barrier
Reflective enamel or glass panels to accentuate the flame picture
Place a TV right above the fire
Standard interior lights to accentuate the fire
Use any finishing material right to the edge of the fireplace, even wood!

New York View 72 Gas Fireplace Video

Energy Specifications NG LP
Maximum BTU 46,500 45,000
Turn Down BTU 32,000 36,000
General Specifications
Product Size Extra Large
Room Size Extra Large
Vent Type Direct Vent
Vent Size (Air Intake) 5″
Vent Size (Exhaust) 8″
Width of Opening
Width (front) 72 in.
Height 15 in.


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