Bellavista B41XTCE Gas Fireplace


Beautiful fire with glowing logs and platinum embers
Amber colored accent lights amplify the effect of the fire
Steel fire grate for real fire look
Electronic Ignition with SureFire switch
Operates on Natural Gas or Propane

Design Options

Inner Panels

Safety Screen



AstroCap Flex Venting System

With clean face styling that permits finish materials to be installed on the edges and an expansive viewing area, the Bellavista™ B41XTCE keeps the viewer’s attention on the flames. The nine-piece ceramic log set with glowing platinum and Embaglow™ fiber embers combine with a choice of inner panels to deliver an unparalleled fire presentation. With high-efficiency heat radiated to the room through porous ceramic safety glass, the Bellavista™ B41XTCE performs exceptionally while looking great in medium- to large-sized traditional or contemporary environments.

Bellavista B41XTCE Gas Fireplace Video

Energy SpecificationsNGLP
Maximum BTU42,50037,500
Turn Down BTU30,00029,500
EnerGuide Rating68.59%68.97%
General Specifications
Product SizeLarge
View Area840
Room SizeLarge
Vent TypeDirect Vent
Vent Size (Air Intake)5″
Vent Size (Exhaust)8″
Unit Dimensions
Width (front)46 11/16 in.
Height44 1/4 in.
Depth22 11/16 in.

Additional information

Dimensions57.62 × 118.58 × 112.39 cm


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