Free Stand FS‐26‐922


The Free Stand FS‐26‐922 – Electric Fireplace

Sierra Flame FreeStand electric fireplaces distinctly European styled free standing electric fireplace from Sierra Flame by Amantii. This Fireplace features a beveled glass viewing area that gives an almost ‘see-thru’ effect on three sides.

With no installation boundaries, no need for mounting brackets or building into a wall, this free stand model goes in any room you like.

Virtually no assembly required – just simply plug in and enjoy!

Media: comes with an 11 piece log set and sable glass.


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Fireplace Features:

Heater & Fan Temperature maintenance control – keep your space warm & cozy
Perfect for zone heating approx. 400 sq. ft.
Stunning flame – from contemporary to life-like traditional
Change the appearance of included media like never before with the NEW LED ambient canopy lighting in 13 colors.
The vibrant multi-colored state-of-the-art flame that is easily changed from blue to purple to violet to orange or yellow with just a click of the remote.
Three color strips generate more flame options than ever!
Thermostat hard-wire ready
Electrical hard-wire ready
Ambient canopy lighting in 13 colors
Heats approx. 400-500 sq. ft.
Dual Flame technology – 2 flame sets
Flame operates with or without heat
Remote control for flame and heater
Comes with an 11 piece log set and sable glass
Optional decorative media selections are available.

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