MS8C Mini-Split Air Conditioner

Quiet, efficient cooling for any room


The simple answer to this question is Yes! Compared to the majority of standard heating systems, the smart dual fuel switch for heat pumps is incredibly energy-efficient. Paired with a smart fuel switch, the dual heat pumps provide you with a combination of a gas furnace and an electric heat pump, allowing you to switch between both economically and efficiently. A smart dual fuel switch for heat pumps is the ideal choice as it provides you with the reliability of a gas furnace and the benefits of an electric heat pump. Here is everything you need to know about the smart dual fuel switch for heat pumps.

Smart Dual Fuel Switch for Heat Pumps Provides the Best of Both Worlds

With a smart dual fuel switch for heat pumps paired with your gas furnace and heat pump, you can capitalise on the most efficient functionalities of both systems. In addition to not emitting any harmful greenhouse gas, a heat pump is more efficient during the winter as, under ideal circumstances, it transfers 300% more energy than it consumes. However, thanks to the latest technology, the smart dual fuel switch for heat pumps makes it possible to convert between 150 % up to 350% of the energy consumed into heat.


When you can’t add ducts, you can add the MS8C

Maybe you have a sunroom that’s just a little too warm in the summer. Or a room that isn’t connected to your ductwork. With its ductless design, the MS8C mini-split air conditioner can make any room comfortable, without a complicated installation or expensive modifications.

Comfort that’s just above a whisper

The MS8C’s operating sounds are low, so the only thing you notice is how comfortable you are.

Perfectly efficient performance

The MS8C keeps you comfortable, without generating high utility bills.

Lots of comforts, almost no change in temperature

Inverter technology keeps cooled air flowing without the typical starts and stops of conventional systems. Temperature swings are virtually eliminated.

Cool air, right where you want it

The wireless remote is equipped with a sensor that measures room air temperature and automatically signals the system to make necessary adjustments.

Feature MS8C Mini-Split Air Conditioner

MS8C Mini-Split Air Conditioner

Energy Efficiency Up to 22.00 SEER
Stages of Cooling / Heating Variable-capacity operation
Sound Rating Indoor As low as 26 dB
Sound Rating Outdoor As low as 50 dB
Wireless Remote Control
Warranty 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components


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