Single Split System


With one of the widest model selections in the industry, Mr. Slim M-Series is the perfect heating and
cooling solution for homes without ductworks. Available in single and multi-unit models, Mr. Slim uses
refrigerant lines instead of ductwork to connect the stylish indoor units to the compact outdoor unit,
offering unprecedented performance and efficiency.

  • MXZ-2B20NA
  • MXZ-3B24/3B30/4B36NA
  • MXZ-5B42NA


The simple answer to this question is Yes! Compared to the majority of standard heating systems, the smart dual fuel switch for heat pumps is incredibly energy-efficient. Paired with a smart fuel switch, the dual heat pumps provide you with a combination of a gas furnace and an electric heat pump, allowing you to switch between both economically and efficiently. A smart dual fuel switch for heat pumps is the ideal choice as it provides you with the reliability of a gas furnace and the benefits of an electric heat pump. Here is everything you need to know about the smart dual fuel switch for heat pumps.

Smart Dual Fuel Switch for Heat Pumps Provides the Best of Both Worlds

With a smart dual fuel switch for heat pumps paired with your gas furnace and heat pump, you can capitalise on the most efficient functionalities of both systems. In addition to not emitting any harmful greenhouse gas, a heat pump is more efficient during the winter as, under ideal circumstances, it transfers 300% more energy than it consumes. However, thanks to the latest technology, the smart dual fuel switch for heat pumps makes it possible to convert between 150 % up to 350% of the energy consumed into heat.


• Employs VCSi technology and exclusive i-see Sensor
• Low-Ambient Heating which has
“Hyper Heat” capabilities at -25°
• Whisper-Quiet Technology
• Air-Purification Filter
• Single & Multi-split systems available
• Ability to connect up to 8 indoor units

Complete home comfort comes in many degrees

In conventional heating and cooling systems, it’s one thermostat and one temperature for everyone. But in
real life, one size does not fit all. With a Mr. Slim Multi-Split system, each room of your home can have its own
indoor unit – up to 8 units in total, and they can all be connected to a single outdoor condenser unit. That
means everyone can enjoy optimum comfort, no matter what room they’re in.
And you don’t have to commit to installing a full system. As your needs change, additional indoor units are easy
to add on to your existing Multi-Split Mr. Slim system.
If you’re looking to heat or cool a single space like a room over a garage or a home extension, your best choice
is a Mr. Slim Single-Split system. A Single-Split system connects a single dedicated outdoor unit to a single
indoor unit. No matter what your needs are, there’s a Mr. Slim solution that’s right for you.

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